Comparing Fuentes’ Aura and Ligotti’s The Last Feast of Harlequin

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Mythological and Archetypal Reading of Fuentes’ Aura and Ligotti’s The Last Feast of Harlequin Mythological and archetypal techniques coupled with the interpretation of symbolism found within a piece of literature tells the reader something about the mind and character of a people or culture. Not only does it allow you to delve deeper into this collective mind and speculate about the meaning of a particular work, it can give you something more. I believe that by using these techniques you also get a better glimpse into the main character’s state of mind. It also gives you clues as to is going on ‘behind the scenes’ that will affect the character’s mental state. The texts I chose for this essay are Fuentes’ Aura and Thomas…show more content…
These associations made it easier for him to become committed to Aura and Consuelo. Now that we have seen some of the symbols that could have affected Felipe’s mind, now we will explore some of the symbols that indicate something was going on behind the scenes. The fist symbol I would mention is darkness. As I stated earlier, it is primarily a symbol of removal from God and the light, the prescence of evil. The ever-present darkness represents some undercurrent of evil that runs throughout the story. Cats are also an important symbol. The first sign we get of any cats is the sound of their "painful yowling". Later Felipe sees some of them being burned alive. Some of the things cats can represent are independence and self-sufficiency. Their destruction leads one to believe that Felipe’s independence is being replaced by dependence and his self-sufficiency is being replaced by reliance on Aura. The appearance of rats could correspond to inappropritae and unseen activities that occur in one’s home, but there is something more. "As a destroyer of stored food and transmitter of disease, the rat acquired the reputation of being in league with the devil, demons, and witches in their efforts to bring the unsuspecting to ruin."2 The prescence of rats not only hint at inappropriate activities inside of the house, but also at the prescence of witches, something I am quite sure Consuelo is. Speaking of

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