Comparing Gobi-28 And Thank You For Saying

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Difficult poem according to Charles Berstein is something which is recently really

popular, it’s hard to appreciate. This poem makes you feel stupid either you are the author or the

reader of it. At the same time, it catches your imagination and affects you somehow. First poem

that came to my mind was “Gobi-28” by Lui Aragon. The main feature of this poem that

frightens future readers is that it was written by surrealistic author. According to the strange

composition of the poem and almost terrible and revolting images, it makes “Gobi-28” not the

kind of best-sellers. However, if you cope with the first shock and go further, you understand

that it has something in it. It’s not about the words, but about something which is between the
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It’s mostly about your personal feelings that it appeals to. And then I decided to compare

my example of the difficult poem with the poem which is Bernstein himself considers to be


I was quite surprised and felt like I didn’t get something right. “Thank You for Saying

Thank You” by Charles Bernstein seemed to be not very difficult. It has comprehensive words

and composition, so it’s easy to read. This poem knows everything about itself and shares it with

the reader. At some point, I stopped to think about “Thank You for Saying Thanks You” in a

serious way and looked at this poem as a pure irony. And I got it! It speaks about serious things

in poetry in a not serious manner. And as I had to spend time and think about this poem longer to

understand it, it is difficult.

I decided to look at the main features of the difficult poem one more time and find any

poem which is not difficult. And then I recognized that it was the basic description of every

poem in the World. Poetry itself is difficult and that what makes it poetry. Charles Bernstein was

made a joke of it. After all, if you find a poem to be difficult and refuse to read it, there
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