Comparing Good Will Hunting and A Beautiful Mind Essay

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The commonality between the films Good Will Hunting and A Beautiful Mind lies in the heart and the capacity of the human spirit to triumph even during the most dire circumstances. There seems to be much more dissimilarity between the two movies then there are similarities. Essentially we are looking at two very different individuals and the people and situations that surround them. To achieve a true understanding of these characters the observer has to ask several questions. The questions asked vary from personal thoughts and behaviors to social and adaptive ones. How does the social climate during the era in which they live contribute to the problems caused by their individual situations? How does their genius play into each of the …show more content…
In example, when John was questioning if he wanted to marry his girlfriend amazingly his roommate showed up to council him. John stated "should I marry her Charles? I have a good job and plenty of money." Charles basically said that "John should hold on to anyone who is willing to marry him." In this way he had created a very effective way of problem solving. Unfortunately it was also a symptom of his unknown illness.

In Good Will Hunting, Will does not find an equal in genius, but does find a mainly emotional/intellectual equal, Sean Maguire (therapist). This did not happen quickly, but rather over the course of several weeks. With a gradual openness Will is able to ask a probing question. The question meant a great deal more then it first appeared to. Will incites a dialogue that proves to be life changing; apparently all Will really needed was a catchy cliché of a phrase (repeated over and over again) and an invasion of personal space (Sean moving closer and closer to Will, finally holing him as he cries). To get over the abuse and move on with his life. Will asks his therapist "Do you have any experience with this sort of thing?" On the surface it appeared that Will meant the statement in regards to treating clients with a similar history, but the question is really based on the need for Will to know if the therapist

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