Comparing Gustave Caillebotte and Edgar Degas

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Gustave Caillebotte was a French painter, who was a patron and a member of a group of artists that were referred to as the impressionists. However, his works were more realistic compared to other members of the group. His works and style belonged to a realism school, despite his impressionist being influenced mostly by friends. His style, although borrowed from varies sources, did not remain constant. He was seen more often as dynamic, doing his works based on the Degas camp of rich –colored realism while, at other times, he shared the impressionist optical truth. His main themes were based on family and domestic scenes, portraits and interiors1. His work, although not realized until the late 1950s, was seen as a historical record of the renovation that industrialization brought to France. Edgar Degas was also present during the age of realism and was in the same group as Gustave of impressionist movement. Most of her paintings were based on the outdoors rather than studio work. Degas was a vigorous artist as she produced more than seven hundred works her work was also influenced by the realism movement; therefore, creating a great impact on the work in relation to art. Degas was an expert on his work and was skilled, as well as, his paintings have been used by various generations to understand the value of impressionist work. In comparing the two artists, it is clear that both had the same

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