Comparing Heart Of Darkness And Heart Of Darkness

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Joseph Conrad’s book, Heart of Darkness, Francis Coppola’s film, Apocalypse Now, and Werner Herzog’s film, Aguirre Wrath of God are very interesting productions, each with their own unique point of view and illuminating agenda. The book in itself and the films prove to be an excellent source about violence brought on by imperialism and/or colonialism and how, as a consequence, the definition of civilized and savage becomes blurred. Via the films, “The audience can derive a lot of pleasure not only from listening to melodies and rhythms that create moods and heighten emotions provoked by the story, but also from analysing the ways the music reinforces the symbolic richness of the literary work, establishes new relationships between its elements, sheds a new light on its meanings and multiplies its interpretative perspectives (Marciniak 67). Having said this, that is not to say that Heart of Darkness lacked in keeping my attention. I very much enjoyed the internal and external dialogue that Conrad provides along with his descriptive commentary about the events at hand. Although the films are considered adaptations of Conrad’s book, they both have distinctive ways of getting the same concepts across to an audience. All in all, after reading and viewing these constructions it is clear that every individual is able to create their own outlook on how they prefer to view the delineations of what it takes to be considered civilized or savage; of course, through the mediums
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