Comparing Henry And The Great Society

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Amongst a fairytale-like setting, complete with a beautiful farm nestled in rolling hills and accented with lush pastures, lives Mr. Henry Morgan. His beautiful wife and angelic children share his world of romantic relaxation. All is happiness and joy. All is peace, purity and perfection.
But then it happens.
Too slowly for Henry to notice, his life comes crashing down. Change – ‘progress’, as the world calls it – is brought to him, and before he can realize it, his life gradually slides into the pit of depression and despair. Pain and terror grip his very soul – he is hopelessly trapped in the grip of a monster so powerful, there is no escape.
He is drowning.
He is dying.
And there’s nowhere to go. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Henry and the Great Society is a gripping read by H. L. Roush. It has a distinct meaning and flow that is unlike any other book I’ve ever read; it’s a different type of thriller altogether. The action inside is not so much physical as it is mental, which creates a diversely exciting atmosphere within the pages.
How can I describe this book? The story is complicated, yet simple. As riveting as it is, it has an easygoing pace. Although it’s boring in some places, it still manages to be a captivating read. Its undertones are a mix of strange emotions.
The story takes a while to get off the ground, but perhaps it is best that way, so we can see a clear description of the steady peaceful (and somewhat dull) life Henry had before change brought…
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