Comparing Henry VIII's Government in 1509 to 1514 to His Father's

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Comparing Henry VIII's Government in 1509 to 1514 to His Father's

From the transition of Old king to Young king we can assume there will be lots of differences in the personalities between Henry VII and Henry VIII, these differences are what makes Henry VIII's policies and government different to that of his father. Henry's personality was quite amazing, his intelligence, learning and curiosity impressed the ambassadors who littered his court, and his thirst for knowledge was insatiable. Like his father, he was caught in the transition from medieval England to renaissance England. And like his father, he was well-versed in English history and desperate to continue the Tudor dynasty, to secure his
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He rewarded some nobility through Patronage, doing favors for others, usually titles and things which were free to give rather than his precious land. He created the order of the Garter and elected the important nobility to join his council.

Henry VIII treated the Nobility rather differently, the first thing he did was to imprison and order the death of Empson and Dudley, two figures hated by the nobility in order to show he was on the nobilities side and so that he would hopefully gain support from them. Through Henry VII's time he never seemed to do anything which benefited the Nobility and Henry VIII wanted to clean the slate and begin new relations with the important and possibly useful people during his reign.

Henry VII introduced the Acts of Attainder during his reign, a means of money and land confiscation without legal means and courts, during his reign there were 138 Acts of attainder, however this number was greatly reduced when Henry VIII became King.

Both Henry VII and his son wanted control over the Nobility, they achieved this in different ways, Henry VII did this through bullying them and policing them to do the right thing, Henry VIII had a less tough stance on them, and especially during the beginning of his reign as he
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