Comparing Hinduism Vs. Hinduism : Similar Values Of Hinduism And Hinduism

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Throughout the world, religions have played a major role in shaping the culture and history of the regions and nations of the world. Hinduism and Buddhism were both major religions that were followed in ancient India. The two religions had very similar values but also had variations between them. The two religions created values and morals that impacted many people everywhere. Buddhism and Hinduism both had a major impact in shaping India and the world in total.
Hinduism was started in 1500 B.C in ancient India . Unlike most other religions, Hinduism does not have a known founder or a formal church. People who follow Hinduism believe there are thousands of gods, making them polytheistic. However They do believe that there is one supreme god who is above all the other gods, this god is called Brahman. Hindus also believed in rebirth or life after death, they believed that eventually you would achieve Moksha which is very similar to what we know as heaven. In order to achieve Moksha you would have to live through several different lives and gain knowledge and good morals. They believed that after you died, if you were a good person, you would be reborn as a higher member of the social caste. The social caste played a giant role in Hinduism. When you are born into a part of the social caste, you stay in that part or level for the rest of your life and you are required to marry somebody on the same level as you. The lowest level on the social caste was the untouchables and they
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