Essay about Comparing Hitler and Napoleon

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Comparing Hitler and Napoleon

There were differences between Hitler and Napoleon, however I feel there were more similarities. They were both immigrants in the country they ended up ruling, both conquered most of Europe, both had radical views about fighting, and both were very quick in their fighting. However, the most significant similarities between the two leaders is how they were accepted as monarchs in a previously democratic society, and what they did for the countries after becoming monarchs.

Hitler and Napoleon were accepted as monarchs for three major reasons. Both countries were hoping for the returning strength of the monarchy. The people of Germany and France were tired of inflation, and threats of invasion, and both
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By eliminating the economic crisis in their countries and establishing a feeling of national security, they raised national pride and patriotism to amazing levels.
Both men also had similar radical views about fighting. Both called for a fight to the death when enemy armies were approaching, and when their countries had exhausted all of their manpower, they both used children and teens in their fighting. Hitler used the Hitler youth, and Napoleon used the Marie Louises, who were only fifteen years old. However, the speed of their fighting may be the most amazing.

Hitler, under his personal command and planning conquered all of Poland in only 24 days, and Napoleon conquered most of Austria and all of Sardinia in 9 days. They both followed these victories with even larger, faster victories. Hitler took over the Netherlands, Holland, Belgium and France in just 25 days, and Napoleon conquered Italy and more of Austria ;in less than one year. This may not sound so big, but Napoleon had only 30,000 soldiers to start with against over 100,000. Both men took much from the countries they conquered. They sent back bullion, art and other valuables. Both captured many soldiers and a large amount of supplies and weapons as well. Their tactics were described as "lightening wars" by their oppositions.

Another, more interesting, similarity between Hitler and Napoleon was that they
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