Comparing Hong Kong and United States Heath Care Systems

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Amanda Newcomer <Course> November 01, 2013 <Instructor> Comparing Hong Kong and United States Heath Care Systems The United States is currently in the process of a health care reform which will change the current private sector health care program into a universal healthcare system. A great example of a universal healthcare program is Hong Kong. There are other countries that have changed from a private to a public health care system, but Hong Kong has shown that they have done it best. When comparing Hong Kong’s healthcare system to the United States healthcare system, the strengths and weaknesses of both will be revealed. In Hong Kong the government feels that no one should ever be denied the access to adequate…show more content…
When comparing the two systems for effectiveness it is very obvious to see were the gaps are and how unsuccessful the United States healthcare system is. Hong Kong United States of America Efficiency Score | 92.6 | Efficiency Score | 30.8 | Life expectancy | 83.4 | Life expectancy | 78.6 | Healthcare cost % GDP per capita | 3.8% | Healthcare cost % GDP per capita | 17.2% | Healthcare cost per capita | $1409 | Healthcare cost per capita | $8608 | Infant Mortality Rate | Below 2 per 1000 live births | Infant Mortality Rate | 7 deaths per 1000 live births | (Daily Briefing, 2013) The United States is ranked below China, Algeria and Iran when it comes to health care. The United States is ranked 46 among 48 countries. (, 2013) When Hong Kong was going through their reform in 2008 there was some concerns from their citizens. Some of their concerns were the same as the ones Americans are having today when looking into the Affordable Care Act. The citizens of Hong Kong were concerned about the healthcare system not being able to sustain the increase in medical cost and health care needs. They were also concerned about the increase in wait times for specialist and procedures. Since the reform it has been found that these items did not have a negative long term effect on the health care system. With the current healthcare system in the United States there are many people who do not have health insurance due to cost.
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