Comparing India And The United States

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Throughout the world countries are often characterized as being developed or developing. Two countries that are examples of being developed and developing are the United States and India. This classification of countries is often based on their economic status. Examples of economic categories that differentiate which countries are developed and developing are unemployment levels, living conditions, and economic growth. Despite countries being developed and developing, they all are always trying to improve their economic status. Comparing India and the United States, one can gain a better understanding of the differences of developed and developing countries.
One reason countries are characterized as developed or undeveloped is to compare their strengths and weaknesses. A developed country is a sovereign state that has both a highly advanced economy and technological infrastructure relative to other industrialized nations. Examples of countries that are considered developed are the United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany. A developing country is a nation with a small industrial base, and a low human development index relative to other countries(“What Is A Developing Country”). Some examples of countries that are characterized as being developing are Rwanda, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Throughout the world there are 50 countries that are classified as developing ( Many of theses countries are located on the continent of Africa. African countries often have…
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