Comparing India And The United States

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India and the United States are two countries that have pasts that include racial and ethnic discrimination, and empirical evidence suggests that both legacies of past discrimination and ongoing concerns continue to disadvantage some groups in both countries even today. This essay will explore the differences between the two countries and argue that the reason why India experiences a higher level of overt discrimination is not because of the effects the British rule had on their society, unlike often argued, but actually because of cultural and religious reasons that go much deeper than the US where their discrimination stems from a relatively more recent form of discrimination. Starting off with a theoretical framework discussing important theories needed for the analysis of the topic, the essay will then explore the causes of the racial discrimination in both countries before discussing the severity of discrimination in both cases, ending on the final argument as to why racial discrimination is so much more prevalent in India rather than the US.
For the theoretical model, this essay will be looking at comparing and contrasting discrimination in India and the US. In order to narrow the focus of the essay, the two groups that will be examined are the black US population and the Dalits (untouchables) in India. The reason these two groups have been selected is that historically they are both respectively viewed as the lowest racial class in each society. One thing that must be…
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