Comparing Inspiration In Moon And Dawn

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A dictionary definition of inspiration is “an inspiring or animating action or influence”. The Crown by Kiera Cass, Empty by Suzanne Weyn, Dawn by Elie Wiesel, and Anthropoid directed by Sean Ellis all have similarities and differences between them. The most important similarity is that they all have inspirations embedded into them.
It is very interesting to see that three different texts and a movie can have so much in common. When one looks at these pieces of work they can see that they all obviously were inspired in one way or another. Each author and director had a point and time were an event had sparked their imaginations, which later led into the books and movies we have today. Kiera Cass was inspired by the story of Cinderella and
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When one thinks about it they can understand that when someone does something they were probably inspired to do it. This is evident throughout each character in these stories. Each character is inspired by one thing or another to fight for what they believe in, and in all four stories they fight for their countries. In The Crown Eadlyn is inspired by her mother's illness to become a great leader for her country. Eadlyn new her parents were worn out, raising 4 children and running a country. Eadlyn new it was her time to become the queen her country needed her to be. In Empty Gwen was inspired to help others because of the natural disasters of the super hurricane. The super hurricane lead to people fighting for food, prices of everyday things skyrocketing. When Gwen found a solar panel home and found a greenhouse in it she was inspired to help people, to start over again. In Dawn Elisha is a young man who is inspired by the holocaust to go and fight for his religion in Palestine. Elisha wants to fight for his people and for all the lives that were taken. He is inspired by the fact that he is able to do something this time unlike when he wasn't during WWII. In Anthropoid Jan and Joseph are also inspired to protect their country during World War II. They believe that if they do not do what they were ordered to then nothing would ever change. They were inspired by the family that they lived with, by the women they fell in love with and everyone…show more content…
For example the settings, the characters being different genders, different time periods and so on. The only differences as one can see are basic things that have to be different, so they do not end up being the same story. All in all these stories have the same theme and topic but portray them in different ways. Inspiration is key not only in the characters live or the authors lives but also in everyone's life. Everyone is being inspired every single day of their lives, to make the choices they make. By being inspired one may impact many lives on an everyday
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