Comparing 'Interpreter Of Maladies And Sexy'

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The two short stories “Interpreter of Maladies” and “Sexy” by Jhumpa Lahiri are prime examples of literature written during the postmodern period. Each of these stories contain different tenets of postmodernism interwoven within each short story.

One of the biggest examples of postmodernism literature in the short story “Interpreter of Maladies” is the romantic fantasy Mr. Kapasi spurs in his own mind. Mrs. Das tells Mr. Kapasi that his job is “so romantic,” and she begins to indulge herself in information about his occupational obligations. Mr. Kapasi starts to fantasize and wonder why Mrs. Das is “so intrigued by his job.” Thus, Mr. Kapasi begins to develope feelings for Mrs. Das,and justifies his indulgence as he wonders if “Mr. and Mrs.
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Both of these stories deal with two culture groups, Indians and Americans; Mr. Kapasi has trouble relating to Mrs. and Mr. Das because of the vast amount of differences in their culture: Mr. Kapasi has an arranged marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Das did not, so he also “found it strange that Mr. Das should refer to his wife by her first name when speaking to the little girl.” He thinks, “Mr. and Mrs.Das behaved like an older brother and sister, not parents.” The only way Mr. Kapasi is able to relate to Mrs. Das is that fact that she currently is in a loveless marriage, similar to his marriage, and even this is not enough to bring understanding. The difference in these cultural constructs is vast and continues throughout these stories. Miranda has very little knowledge about India: when Laxmi mentions “[h]e has a Punjabi mother and a Bengali father,” Miranda “thought it was a religion,” but later realizes it is place in India called Bengal. Miranda and Dev share a large cultural difference, “the only Indians whom Miranda had known were a family in the neighborhood where she'd grown up.” She wants to please Dev though, so she learns more about Indian culture and changes her normal routine to incorporate some kind of Indian culture in her schedule. As the meaning of “sexy” is unearthed, Miranda finds it is very different from Devs construct of the word. The cultural differences between all of these characters are as confusing as they are fun, but these differences sever the
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