Comparing Interstates And Intrastate Conflicts During The Cold War And After It

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In this essay, we will explain how the levels of analysis allow us to discern and contrast interstates and intrastate conflicts during the Cold War and after it. In international relations and political sciences, three levels of generalization exist to help us to understand the world and its complex problems. The first one, the individual-level, consists in focusing on people on the world stage: it means that individual-level analysis involves understanding how human make decisions and leads to policy. The second one is the state level analysis. Also called domestic level, it suggests an approach to understand world politic by emphasizing the national states as the primary determinant of the course of world affair.
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Regarding the intrastate side, we note that during the Cold War, the World was bipolar. Indeed, there were two superpowers: the United States in one side and the Soviet Union in the other side. Because these two countries had different ideological battles, it is possible to say that during an intrastate power, they both helped and subsidize different populations. To illustrate this, we can take the example of the Vietnam War. This war is a fight of political system. In others words, before World War II, Vietnam was a French colony and at the end of this war, Japanese give back to France South Vietnam while the north was left in the hands of the non-communist Chinese. However, because the French announced their intention of reclaiming the north, it leaded to a war between the south and the north. Later, France accepts to give the independence to the north only if they accepted the condition to ask the permission of French before to do anything. East European countries, which are communist, did not accept that. Consequently, we can talk about a proxy war because to support the Communist cause, the Soviet Union armed its fellow Communist state as China even if the North Vietnam was not communist, who would, in turn, arm and equip the North Vietnamese who fought the Americans that put up with the French and the democracy. In a general way, during intrastate wars, I believe that the level of
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