Comparing Islalm to Christianism

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When it comes to Islam, I am a little curious on whether it is a different interpretation of Christianity. During my teenage years, an older friend of mine tried to convert to me Islam, as I must admit, it really sounded appealing. Nevertheless, after he was done, I still stuck to my Christian beliefs because where he starts during our conversation to where he ended made the different for me. Let me explain, my friend, Anselm is his name, started preaching using a chronological order in how Islam was developed. Discussing some of the 25 prophets from the books of the Qur’an, the Islamic holy text, he preached stories similar to what I had learnt in Sunday school and a young Christian child. He even told me that the name Jesus was mention many times in the Qur’an and that he was prophet of God. The Muslims refer to God as Allah and I thought this is just one of the names that he is known by. However, as Anselm delved into Muhammad, which Muslim considers to be the final prophet, this is where my belief in Christianity stood strong. Now coming to this Comparative Religion class, I now know why Islam had appealed to me instead of other African religions I was exposed to and Hinduism. It was because Islam is a monotheistic religion just like Christianity and Judaism. Christians based their life on the teachings of the Bible, however although Muslims follow the teaching of the Qu'ran, they have a structured set of guidelines to live by, which they describe as the five pillars of

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