Comparing Islam And Christianity : The Religions Of Christianity And Islam

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The religions of Christianity and Islam are known to be the two out of the world’s three major religions. The only similarities Muslims and Christians share is monotheism; belief in one Supreme being, that is where the similarities end. There are numerous differences between these religion, among those differences are the origin of the religion, their view on the nature of God and the sacred books.
The founder of Islam is known to be prophet Mohammad. Muhammad was born a member of the tribe of Quraysh with of humble origin. Muhammad was born in 570, unfortunately the people he was in care died before his teenage years. When Muhammad turned twenty-five, the year 610 was the most remarkable day of his life, in a cave in Mount Hira, he had a vision in which God spoke through angel Gabriel, commanding Muhammad to become the prophet of a new and true religion. As from then on, Muhammad began to receive a lifetime of religious visions, which he and other prophets compiled together that later became the framework of the Quran. As a result of his revelations from God, Muhammad had gathered a significant number of converts in Mecca. However, Mecca was known for its investment in preserving its paganism. Due to the increase in conversion, officials in Mecca plotted Muhammad’s assassination, subsequently causing him to flee to another city Medina. Fortunately, when he arrived at Medina he was given a strong political position. Later, Muhammad returned to Mecca as a conqueror. During
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