Comparing Jens Timmerman Theory Of The Individualist Lottery

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Whereas Jens Timmerman theory of the Individualist Lottery proposes that the agent ought not to commit themselves to saving the larger number of individuals, without giving the smaller group an equal chance of being saved. Timmerman somewhat agrees with Taurek, that we ought to deny an Aggregationalist methodology of whom we will choose to aid (Timmerman 106). Furthermore, no one can claim that it is worse for them to die, insofar that they are all considered equal when we go about making our decision through the means of chance. Significantly, this means the greater number of individuals cannot assert that their collective loss would worst, or be a justification of why we should choose to assist them instead of a smaller group of people.…show more content…
Taurek argument is considerably the best method that should be considered in how we go about making difficult decision of who we ought to help, through the distribution of our resources. The reason in proposing Taurek is because his method of decision making is chosen through a fair concept of chance. However, Timmerman would argue otherwise; firstly, he would assert that Taurek’s method would limit us in to choosing between the two groups. Secondly, Taurek’s does not factor everyone in to the decision (Timmerman, 107). This is because forty-nine people on one side would count collectively as one (Heads), while one person on the other side would also count as one (Tales). Timmerman would argue his wheel methodology factors in everyone who requires aid by giving them a section, and by ‘sheer luck’ some individuals may benefit from the winner. However, this form of reasoning is arguably unfair, this is because anyone who can benefit from other individuals have collectively become a bigger section of the wheel. This returns to Timmerman’s thought experiment of choosing to help A, B, or C. Problematically, A has an unfair chance of receiving aid, because B/C have become a combined section of the wheel. Though Timmermans individualistic argument asserts A cannot say they are treated unequally, A is

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