Comparing Jesus Christ and Harry Potter as Heroes Essay

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If there are two names that can be recognized anywhere in the world, one would definitely be Harry Potter, and the other would surely be Jesus Christ. On one hand, Harry Potter is known as the protagonist of the best-selling Harry Potter book series, which was written by JK Rowling. He is a boy wizard who encountered many different trials and tribulations during his stay in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The seven books have been read by millions of children and adults all over the world, and its popularity was evident when four books in the series were on the New York Times bestseller list all at the same time (Brown 32). On the other hand, Jesus Christ is one of the main religious figures of Christianity,…show more content…
King Herod ordered the deaths of all baby boys in Bethlehem because of the prophecy that someone would overthrow his oppressive rule. In order to save Jesus’ life, his parents fled and brought him to Egypt. (Murphy 28). In the story of Harry Potter, the dark wizard Voldemort attempted to kill the one-year old Harry Potter because “a boy of Harry’s description was prophesied before his birth to be the coming vanquisher of the dark lord.” (Granger 72) However, his mother saved his life and a magical protection was put upon him, which came from the so-called power of love (Brown 58). The second conflict that both Jesus Christ and Harry Potter faced was that they were the savior-figures in their stories. Malone (57) defined a savior-figure as someone who “can and does suffer, but the meaning of the figure is more in leadership, in rescuing and saving, in helping fellow human beings to a destiny that images paradise.” This was precisely the duty of both Harry Potter and Jesus Christ. They had to better the worlds that they lived in, and to do that, they had to suffer. In their case, they had to sacrifice their lives. The Romans thought that Jesus was a blasphemer who was using God’s name to spread his own false messages (Bredin 190) and ended up having to crucify him. This crucifixion was all part of God’s plan, and through this action, Jesus ended up

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