Comparing Jewish Law and Hammurabi Code

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Krishna Bojja
World History AP
5 September 5, 2012

Comparing The Hammurabi’s Code of Law to Jewish Regulations

1) The Babylonian law tried to put a monetary value on different parts of justice, and equate crimes together regardless of intention, leading to the popular saying, “an eye for an eye”. This view does not work with a large, professional bureaucracy as it would soon leave the leading kingdom bankrupt. The use of volunteers by the state is exemplified by the “success” of the laws. The leading kingdom believed that laws would be upheld by volunteers, thus preventing anarchy, and establishing rule over the Babylonian people. Public works were also upheld by the “volunteers” as they brought forward people to …show more content…

Babylonian religion however, unlike Jewish Law stressed the power mostly on the state, and supported the moral and ethical views of the common people, but not necessarily on the view of God.

5) The source for the Babylonian law in Mesopotamia originated from the views of Hammurabi, a victorious king. The source for the Jewish law mostly came from the Old Testament, especially exodus, the second book of the bible; meaning the Jews’ laws were influenced by their religious views concerning

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