Comparing Joe Stalin and Adolf Hitler Essay

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Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, these two men have forever changed the history of the world. Josef Stalin or Uncle Joe Stalin as his country knew him, was seen to the Russian people as a savior and a heroic leader. Adolf Hitler was known as the `Father of the Final Solution', which killed nearly six million of the sick, gypsies, Jews, homosexuals, and handicapped. Stalin and Hitler were both evil men who gained their power by manipulating others to get what they wanted. Both men were cold and calculating when it came to getting what they wanted. These two men had no respect for human life and did not have a problem killing people who stood in their way. They promised the people of their country a new world with a bright future; however,…show more content…
They felt it necessary to permanently remove any and every one who stood in path during their rise to power. Both were blinded with imaginary thoughts and visions of their fantasy world. They were unstoppable when it came to what they wanted. They were fueled by distorted and hateful views. Neither of the two men thought twice about killing someone, it did not matter whether it was friend, foe, or even family. The two men were similar in countless ways. Both men came from poor families and did not have father figures present for most of their lives. They both lived in fantasy worlds where everyone knew them as the heroic leader. Hitler and Stalin were able to get what they wanted by bullying those around them. The two men constantly spread terror, intimidation, and violence throughout their countries. They were murderers of countless innocent people who only crime was being in their path to the top. These men worked day and night to inflict pain and cruelty upon the citizens of their countries. Although Hitler and Stalin were similar in many ways, they had differences among them. Adolf Hitler, even though he was extremely vile and cruel, ladies found him attractive. These ladies were said to be amid his most significant benefactors giving to him money and jewelry to help his political career. Josef Stalin was not just the opposite of a ladies man. He was left facially disfigured by a childhood case of smallpox and had cripple left arm that was due to
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