Comparing John And Lorraine From 'The Telephone Marathon Game'

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This essay is about the similarities and differences of both John and Lorraine and how the two characters seem to connect each other. This essay will talk about a couple of physical qualities, the actions they do, the problems they face, and the wishes they wish. In the following four paragraphs, each individual paragraph will have its own comparison and contrast of the topic being discussed. The physical attributes that John and Lorraine are very limited. John and Lorraine have no similarities with any of their physical appearances. Though they do have differences, as in their eyes. John has these big blue eyes, but as for Lorraine, she got very interesting green eyes as what John said. Their actions have made them whom John and Lorraine are. For instance, they both like to lie, a lot. The reason lies in “The Telephone Marathon Game”. This game consists of someone calling a random human and making up so much nonsense, lies, that it gets the receiver's attention and fall for it. Now the difference in this game is that Lorraine feels bad with what they did to Mr. Pagani, aka the receiver at the time, but John decided to go further. Lorraine and John both had…show more content…
Lorraine and John had the greatest friend ever that grew close who the name was Mr. Pagani, or the Pigman. They got so closed to him that they would rather have him as their parents than their original one’s. Their parents are very rough are on them, super hard, and they just want to have space and become free. They want to have parents that would understand them and let them do that is healthy for them. For instance, Lorraine just wants friend and to be out. Her mother wouldn't let her for the reason of hating mn and don't want her to be outside and change. John parents are trying to change John to become like his brother, in which he doesn't want to
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