Comparing John Locke, David Hume, And Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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A monarch is in control. You are being what to do by someone you do not even want ruling your country. What could you do? This is how your world works, it’s always worked like this, so why change it? Simply change it because you are unhappy with the way the world is, you deserve to enjoy the country you live in. That there, change the society, is exactly what the Enlightenment thinkers wanted to do. The Enlightenment thinkers are a group of people who found countless flaws in the way people decided to run the countries. Therefore, of all the Enlightenment thinkers, I believe John Locke, David Hume, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau impacted the world the most due to them having a full grasp on the ideologies of humanity.
John Locke was the man who began to express the idea of natural rights. The idea of natural rights is that all humans are born with three natural rights: life, liberty, and property. You are meant to respect these rights, which gives us limits as humans. For example, one can not just rob someone’s house without consequences. If someone does commit theft they are punished because they are
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As Rousseau stated, this allowed humans to be at their best, not being tied down to the conventions of society. Being able to choose our own path is an incredible right. Being able to vote is our choice and right, which would not have happened without Rousseau and the Enlightenment. It allows us to be equal, it let’s us be equal. This illustrates the idea that all humans are equals no matter the gender, race, or religion. Just because we can vote does not mean that we do not have sexism, or racist, or prejudiced people in our world. Without Rousseau’s thoughts and beliefs, we would still be stuck in the old world. We have the choice to pick who we want running our country. What you do with that is your choice, but why would you choose not to have the world you feel is
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