Comparing John Locke and Baron de Montesquieu Essay

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The Enlightenment was a time of change in Europe. There were many new ideas, and various influential thinkers that inspired new invention and also inspired revolutions. All of these thinkers had different views on people and government and different views of people and how they act. Many of these authoritative individuals thoughts still influence us even today. Many of their ideas are used in government and also as guidelines for people to live their lives by. John Locke and Baron de Montesquieu both helped to build our constitution and we borrowed some of their ideas for how we live our lives in America. John Locke had the idea that people were born with the three natural rights: life, liberty, and property. We as an early country …show more content…
In 1748 he published On the Spirit of Laws which was a book describing his views on government. It goes into detail about how his idea of three branches of government and the separation of powers in the government would work. He also cites example of governments similar to his idea of separated powers. He also wrote about empires before his time and how their laws influenced many countries. He also pointed out what laws worked and the laws that were fair and just to the people. He also alluded to parts of earlier governments that demonstrated his ideas and thoughts. The views of these two influential thinkers were considered very radical in their time because their views were radical and very different from any form of government that anyone back then had ever heard of or dreamed possible. They thoughts that a government run by the people would be chaotic. They had never heard of any more separation of power than in England, where it was a limited monarchy. Their views on people were also influential especially Locke's views. He gave people the idea that they are more than just slaves for the government and that they should have some say in how their government is run. These ideas and many more inspired revolutions that were sparked by these two eccentric individuals. Locke and Montesquieu's thoughts also still ring true today. They are the basis for not only the U.S but many other governments as well. That
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