Comparing Jonathan Edwards And Patrick Henry

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Edwin Vasquez
Mrs. Rodriguez
8 October 2017

Jonathan Edwards and Patrick Henry's backgrounds and speeches showed many similarities, but also many differences between both speeches carried incredible power and impact on people: Yet the results and outcome of it were rarely on the same topic.
Jonathan Edwards was also a impactful speaker. He made his viewers being very astonished at the time feel as if they felt the words that he spoke.The way he shows it would be in his speech, “Sinners in the hands of an angry
God” when he addresses? “ hell is gasping for them, Flames gather and flash about them, and would fain lay hold of them and swallow them up…?”(Edwards 1) His speeches fascinated the many people who followed in his belief. His Faith made him fear
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Patrick Henry and Jonathan Edwards had many traits similar to each other, like being very impactful speech makers. Both men and women had many differences between them! They spoke on different subjects and affected people in many different ways but had a great influence on the way those people lived after. Edwards was also mind blown by the discoveries of Isaac Newton and other scientists of his time. Before he approached full time ministry work in Northampton, Jonathan Edwards wrote about a variety of topics in natural philosophy, also flying spiders, optics. While he was worried in faith and reason alone of some of his peers, he saw the laws of nature as if was obtained from God and demonstrating his common sense and care.
Patrick Henry was known for being an American Attorney, and also a orator but mostly for being well recognized for his declaration to the 2nd Virginia Convention In 1775, where he made his speech when he mentioned “Give me liberty, or give me death” (Henry 5) A Founding Father, he also served as the fifth and sixth colonial Governor of Virginia where he was than more represented than how he was
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