Comparing Jud Suss To Escape From Sobibor

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Our past is what defines our future, and our future is made possible because of our past. It is a never-ending cycle in ways that films make us perceive our history, our reality, our fictionality, and/or our lives. The way a film is executed and produced to alter our emotions and opinions—positively or negatively—is astounding. The perception that it can outcast to the audience in a plot that bends the storyline or one that tells it as if one was there decades ago is hallucinating. From the film, Jud Suss to Escape from Sobibor are films that illiterate’s points made in propaganda to a tug in one’s heart and the history that stands true or petrifies the meaning behind history. The heartwarming scenes directed in the film Escape from Sobibor is superb in …show more content…

Reasons being, the fear to throttle the political throne in an environment such as the press is not my cup of tea that would alter my opinion or state of mind. However, the thoughts and opinions of how powerful the press and political spectrum when head butted is something one can’t joke with; because just from Good Night and Good Luck the back-and-forth scenes of Murrow, Friendly, and McCarthy the truth is hardly ever so convincing in educating the public/society. So much so, that Escape from Sobibor can manipulate or crib out the emotions of find the connection to the events that took place in Sobibor during WWII decades ago. Other films this semester are no match for in detailing and giving depth to the true events that took place. Allowing each character, no matter how big or small, flow cohesively in administering the lives of numerous and those that live to tell the tale splendidly. [Prompt 2 ends] [Prompt 1

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