Comparing Judaism and Buddhisim on Controversial Topics

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Moral teachings are vital in a religious group because they guide our actions and teach us how to behave in our everyday lives. Judaism and Buddhism express their values of abortion, homosexuality as well as euthanasia in exceptionally similar fashions. Similarities and differences between the two religions will further be explored. A huge controversy throughout an abundance of religions is the topic of abortion. This is a particularly sensitive subject because it deals with the delicate balance of life and death. Many people question who has the authority to end a life, especially an innocent child with no voice. People of the Jewish faith don’t believe in aborting a pregnancy. However, despite their strict rule, there is one circumstance where it is acceptable to abort the child. And this exception is only made when the mother is at high risk of death. Buddhism has a similar take on this concept. Similar to the Jewish people, traditional Buddhists believe it is inhumane to take another life unless the mother is on the verge of death. On the other hand, modern Buddhists have different views of abortion. Buddhists believe they are extremely responsible for each of their own individual actions and the burden it will bestow upon them. As well, they believe if the child will have severe medical conditions when it is born then it is okay to abort the child for the sake of the child…

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