Comparing Julius Caesar And Alexander The Great

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Conquers throughout history have been either been remembered or forgotten. Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great are two conquers that have not been forgotten but instead labeled to be “Great “. Both men played significant role in government, they forged cities and designed civil works projects to benefit the people of their empires. Caesar and Alexander as individuals had great ambitions and repeatedly pushed themselves and their men to their physical limits. In war they were courageous allowing them to be victorious they were also magnanimous to their defeated enemies. These men like most leaders we see from the ancient times were very charismatic they would draw people in by their visions and goals but like all great leaders they make mistakes and their once great visions for their nations fell apart soon after their deaths
Julius Caesar was thought of as the most powerful and glorious ruler to step foot in Rome. After his death in 44 B.CE. A temple was built in honor of him and he was worshiped like a god. Does Caesar Deserve the title of being great? In my opinion no he was a man driven by ambition for power and glory and in a way he manipulated the plebeian’s by refusing the crown multiple times when he was offered it. Yet during his campaign in Gaul were he conquered over eight hundred cities and destroyed three-hundred Gallic tribes he breaks down into tears and his friends ask him why he is crying he replied “it is a matter of sorrow that while Alexander, at my

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