Comparing Kangxi Vs. Qianlong

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Kangxi vs. Qianlong
Kangxi and Qianlong were two of the most outstanding emperors of the Qing Dynasty. During years from Kangxi to Qianlong, land was expanded, economic was developed rapidly, and society was stable. Kangxi and Qianlong brought booming and golden age of Qing dynasty along with Yongzheng. Although Kangxi and Qianlong both ruled the Qing Dynasty for more than sixty years and had similar governance methods of the empire, Kangxi led the Qing Empire to its peak because of his diligent during his entire lifetime, Qianlong led the empire to slowly decay due to his losing power in his late years.
Both Kangxi and Qianlong ruled Qing Empire for more than sixty years. Kangxi reigned the longest time in Chinese history. He ascended the throne when he was eight years old, and reigned sixty-one years. Qianlong reigned sixty years, but actually ruled the empire sixty-three years. He ascended the throne when he was twenty-five years old. In order to show respect to his grandfather, Qianlong passed the throne to his son at the sixtieth year of Qianlong year and continuing ruled the empire for three more years as an Overlord .
Borders of Qing Empire were expanded under Kangxi’s rule. Kangxi captured Taiwan from the Zheng family. Zheng Chenggong, a loyal supporter of the Ming, retreated to Taiwan and captured the Dutch fortress of Zeelandia in 1662. Taiwan became the last base of the Ming to fight against Qing. After Zheng Chenggong’s death in 1662, Zheng Chenggong’s son Zheng

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