Comparing Kant's Views On The Teachings Of Hume And Locke

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The significance of Kant’s thoughts was that until the time of Kant, we were expected to believe the teachings of Hume and Locke. They taught that from birth our minds were simply blank tablets. Over time we would etch onto these tablets all the knowledge we had determined through sense experiences. However, Kant had a different opinion. He believed the mind was an evolving mechanism that outlines and translates the constant sensations the brain receives. The brain is not a blank tablet, but rather a machine that is continually learning. It can determine cause and effect as well as, understand simply logic. In addition to that, Kant taught that it was no longer the world that formed our brains, but our brains that formed the world. What he meant by that, is the world and the knowledge cannot cause us to perceive the world in a different light. Yet how we choose to interpret all the information will determine our perception of reality.…show more content…
What is the significance of the thought of Hegel?
Much like the theories of Kant, Hegel believed that the brain could organize and process all the constant information. However unlike Kant, Hegel’s significance was brought out by his belief that our brain could decide absolute truth. Hegel taught that the brain could decipher ultimate reality and all underlying meanings of human existence. He thought that the brain could pull together the most key components of human life and establish the supreme truth of our existence. Due to this he believed in the end it will all connect and be pushing them toward one common
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