Comparing Kierkegaard's Fear And Trembling

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Carrie Respondek Mr. Schmit Philosophy 1301: Introduction to Philosophy 22 April 2017 Essay 3: Kierkegaard Under the pseudonymous name of, Johannes de Silentio, Kierkegaard explains his idea of understanding the concept of faith and the philosophy/skepticism behind choosing faith by using different situations in the exordium, the story of Abraham and Isaac, and Problemata’s I-III to challenge the traditional views of it. Each situation brings forth a paradox to ethicality of either adhering to your faithfulness to God or fulfilling your responsibility to personal life. Kierkegaard believes faith is being able to trust in God without actually being able to see him and with the knowledge of him never putting anyone or anything of his creation in danger. I think the examples and explanation provided in his book Fear and Trembling gives us the wrong idea of how Kierkegaard interprets and understands faith. Kierkegaard uses an alternative story of Abraham and Isaac from the Old Testament to help support his attempt in…show more content…
Kierkegaard intended for us to reason of whether we thought each of these questions were right or wrong of Abraham showing his faith by sacrificing his only son, Isaac, for a “more imperative and significant being [to show his] faith as a suspension of the ethical because of more significance to higher beings”. The paradox related to these situations of faith changes as each person would have a different meaning of something as everything in relation to and benefit of the world; faith is in existence everywhere but it’s up to every individual to choose whether to follow it with an ethical bases or solely rely on
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