Comparing King-Sears And Bonfils

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Every classroom is run a little different, but most teachers use the same ideas when it comes to classroom management. Margaret E. King-Sears and Kara A. Bonfils in November of 1999 write this study for teachers who are looking to implement a new teaching technique when it comes to classroom management with students that have learning disabilities. This approach is teaching self-management by using the instruction sequence called SPIN and a Curriculum-Based Assessment (CBA) monitoring process (King-Sears and Bonfils., 1999). SPIN stands for; “Select the student’s target behavior for self-management, Prepare materials and lesson plans for self-management, Instruct the student using a 10-step process, and Note effectiveness” (King-Sears and Bonfils., 1999., pg. 96). To start the SPIN process the teacher must select students that are struggling to stay on task and select the behavior that is going to be corrected. The teacher will then use the CBA monitoring process with a time testing recording to assess the students when the tone from the device goes off. When the students were introduced to this device they would record what they were doing when the tone went off. And this helped them create goals for themselves to help them work on their self-management (King-Sears and Bonfils., 1999., pg. 98). During the Instruct portion teachers would…show more content…
Teachers at all levels can use this program to better classroom management as well as student focus in the classroom. It is best if self-management is taught in the fall along with the rules and procedures of the school because it benefits the student’s grades year round. Students like responsibility, self-management gives them that responsibility; they need to be setting goals as they are using this program to better themselves in a classroom setting (King-Sears and Bonfils., 1999., pg.
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