Comparing Kinnell And Robert Frost

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Whenever writing a poem, every author needs to have a clear and precise theme. Theme is defined as the topic being discussed or described in a piece of writing. Theme can also help set a mood for the overall feeling in a poem. Without this factor incorporated into a poem, the readers won’t be able to understand what point the author is trying to have portrayed. If your overall point in a poem is unclear, then what was the point in creating one? Both Frost and Kinnell use words that show it is important to appreciate your life; although, Frost does this by having a man dream about life being better even though he comes to accept where he is while Kinnell shows appreciation with parents loving life with their child.
The theme for both of these
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In a poem known as Birches, Frost portrays an older man dreaming for a better life. He starts off with having this older man make his connection between realism and fantasy, setting the overall mood for this poem. The connection he makes is that he sees these trees have limbs that are bowed over and how that makes him think that a young boy has been swinging from those limbs. Although, he knows in reality that swinging will not cause that type of bend in a tree, but yet ice-storms do because of the build up from snow and ice on each limb. Frost then goes into detail about the surrounding area to create an image in the reader’s head, to set a scene, and to show how appreciative he is for the beauty of his surroundings. After the scene is set, he goes back into realism stating the real reason for the bending of the trees, which can have the reader make an insinuation that even with all the hardships faced in life, they have yet to give up, that they are still standing strong. Frost then has the old man shift back into fantasy where the old man states that he’d rather the trees have been bent from a little boys swinging amongst them. For he once was a swinger of trees and when the hardships of life become too much for he that he wishes to return to such. Frost also incorporate the use of religion in this particular poem, by having the old man state that he want to get away from earth for a while and then return to begin all over.…show more content…
The author starts off with listing all different kinds of loud noises. Each of which suggest that even the loudest of noises will not wake up this child of his. With that being said, if these parents were to make any noises relative to sex, their son would instantly wake up and come to his parent’s room. As the child makes his way to their room, one of the parents starts to go in detail on what is happening and the love that this parent has for the other. When the young boy finally reaches his parent’s room he crawls onto their bed and lies in between the two and hugs them. The young boy then smiles from how happy he is, showing how he loves his life and in which refers to the theme of this poem. Then after the parents look at each other, smile and reach across the young boy to each other. With this action, the take a trip down memory to the making of this beautiful creation of theirs and how their love making is what wakes their child and brings him into their arms again, just like the way he started out. This also shows how the parents are loving their lives and the life of their son, which also helps supports the
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