Comparing Lamarckism's Unreliable Proof To Back Up Historical Theory

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Lamarckism provided insufficient proof of information to back up historical theory. Darwinism gave a reasonable amount of proof to back up his historical theory. Lamarck argued their point that the environment that was placed on animals changed their genetic material, which caused the stretching of a giraffe to reach the highest branches produced its offspring to have longer necks, which made the stretching of the giraffe a genetic material. Darwin argued their point that the genetic materials was produced and fixed for individual animals, but the variables occurred between each individual. The giraffes that had a slightly longer neck to other giraffes were more likely to produce more children because they would be better feeding on things…show more content…
It was possible that the food on the living ground produced the giraffes to instinctively raise their necks as high up as they could in order reach within their length of their neck. Over time, the sizes of the long necks of giraffes was even longer, which allowed them to a survival method by getting the food what they want. Charles Darwin had another theory about survival of the fittest. He believed that some of the giraffes had genetic mutations, which allowed them to develop longer necks. The individuals were able to eat more and which made them to grow stronger. This meant that the males were the ones breeding and developing more strength enough to be able to mate with the females, which made both breeds eventually die without passing along both of their own genetic materials. Lamarck’s theories of adaptation were over a shorter period of time, and would of fit into the 3000 years of time period since the creation, was supported by the church at the time. The time was eventually proved genetically false by the evidence and logic towards Darwinism’s theory, which had occurred millions of years. The relative lack of transitional fossils in the fossil record was formed to support the theory of punctuated
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