Comparing Life And Death

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Life and Death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides. Wes Moore and Maria Reyes were right along those different sides. Life and Death was written by the authors John Malcom and Candace Jaye, with each telling the different profiles of Wes Moore and Maria Reyes. Life and Death is a Biography in which, John and Candace, the authors, discuss about Wes Moore and Maria Reyes and their life experiences between life and death. Wes Moore grew up in Baltimore and Maria Reyes grew up in Los Angeles, they both had to make a big turn around for their lives. “Some decisions are just that important” as quoted on the book’s cover. At one point in everyone’s lives, we’ve all faced with situations where we had to make important decisions and deal with them as well, of course similar to what Maria and Wes went through.
Wes Moore was a businessman, who became a star student and ended up at Oxford University. However, not knowing he’ll soon meet someone with the same name as him, but strangely, they both also had different paths.Wes Moore met a convicted murderer around the same age, the same name and even from the same state. Nevertheless, he soon tried to figure out where their paths had split. Maria Reyes faced a difficult
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My overall opinion of this book’s message is to never let your environment sink you into the negative things that evolves within it because it will only lead you to failure. Wes Moore could’ve took a different direction in life that could’ve led him dead or in prison. Luckily, Wes Moore believed more in himself to be greater and attend college to save his own life. “We will do what others expect of,” Wes Moore stated.(Pg.49) The two characters, Wes Moore and Maria Reyes, both connect with their stories as an overall message about life. For the most part, if those two never made the decisions that they did, it could’ve still reflected their life in every way, good or
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