Comparing Life To A Race Analysis

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Life can be compared to a multitude of different images and words that can change how we see the concept of living. If one were to compare life to a run, it would imply that one could go through life at their own pace. If life was instead compared to a race then it would imply that one would essentially have to sprint through life. A run is typically seen as less competitive and slower than a race. The image of life as a run suggests that one can move through it at their own pace. They can take their time to reach the typical milestones of modern life such as marriage and retirement. In the story The Loneliness of the Long-distance Runner, Smith, the narrator, says, “You should think about nobody and go your own way, not on a course marked out for you by people” (1225). This statement suggests that one should be able to run freely without a set course like a race would have. If one follows their own path then they can choose their own destiny. Without the pressure to reach certain milestones at a certain pace, one can take the time to explore the world around them and create an environment where they thrive comfortably. Comparing life to a race suggests…show more content…
The comparison of life to a race results in an image of a high intensity, extremely competitive world. It is quite possible to compare the current society of today to a race due to the extremely competitive job market, competitive colleges and schools, among other high stress situations, Despite the high intensity society we live in, it is also quite possible to compare life to a run. This comparison results in an image where life is more relaxed and carefree. There are no set paths one must follow in a run unlike they must follow in a race. One can go at their own pace in a run without having to constantly sprint. Despite their differences, using race and run as comparisons to life are a good way to grasp how one can
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