Comparing Linux, Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Macintosh Platforms

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One of the important components of software engineering is the platforms. There are many various types of computing platforms. A few of these include AmigaOS, Linux, Windows, Solaris. These examples are just a few of many different computing platforms. The types of computing platforms can be differentiated into three different categories, which include operating-system examples, software frame work examples, and also hardware examples. Each of the different platforms has slightly different requirements and means of maintenance. Even the required standards for the platforms differentiate depending on which platform being used. Platforms are a vital part of systems and for applications, and are available in many various forms. The basis of…show more content…
Linux, UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh are just a few of many different types of important computer platforms. And among them there are many similarities and dissimilarities. In addition, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Microsoft Windows for instance started off in 1975 by Gates and Allen[1]. Eventually, Microsoft Windows went through many different phases and versions before eventually reaching the stage it is at right now. UNIX on the other hand, originated in 1969 by Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson, Rudd Canaday and others. Macintosh originated in 1984 by Steve Jobs. Finally, Linux was much later, it originated in 1991. It is a free, open-source operating system that looks like UNIX, except that it runs on PCs as well as other platforms. 3. Main Body 3A. History Microsoft was created by a partnership by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Their vision was to have a computer on ever desktop and in every home. The first thing that they developed was MS-DOS which was a platform in which the software "manages, or runs, the computer hardware and programs"[1]. And although MS-DOS was fundamental, an operating system was required which would be more understandable to the public. Therefore a new operating system was created. Windows got its name in that it "best describes the boxes or computing 'windows' that are fundamental to the new system"(Windows). The first

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