Comparing Love In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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The play, Romeo & Juliet, originally written by Shakespeare, allowed Desert Hot Springs High School to reenact this infamous piece of literature. In this replica of Romeo and Juliet, those who primarily directed the play were Amber Stella (student director) and Ryan Landman (lead director). The major theme is love. Love can overcome any obstacle obstructing the natural order, even if the solution to that may be mutual death; Love prevails over any hindrance. I had the opportunity to behold the play on its opening night, Thursday October . Portrayed as advancing through the time of the renaissance, the timeline follows Romeo and Juliet, the two being of opposing, noble families. Due to this, the lovers were not allowed to meet, but in secret, the two met. After many inflicting events, the two committed suicide after thinking or knowing that the other had killed themself to save the other from the imposing subjects of their families. In a sense, the storyline fit with the theme, though, face of this theme may have been a bit distorted in communication. Theoretically, the idea of two lovers…show more content…
Those people were loud and disruptive, but aside from that, the people watching paid their fare of attention to the much deserving actors. Although I couldn’t really see anyone else in the theatre (those that were watching the play), I presume they were interested since it was mostly quiet and dark in the audience. Personally, Romeo & Juliet deters me. I have not positive affections for the play at all. The play shows too much abhorrence from humans, though that’s not particularly bad, but its point it shows of the human nature are unnecessary and lame. That’s not to say that the actors are bad, they were actually spectacular, it’s just the play and the plot of it that disturbs me. I just don’t like Romeo &
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