Essay on Comparing Love after Love and This Room

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Comparing Love after Love and This Room The two poems with which I compare each other are both poems of celebration. Celebration of life, love and your identity. The first is “Love after Love” by Derek Walcott. This poem is about self-discovery. Walcott suggests that we spend years assuming an identity, but eventually discover who we really are - and this is like two different people meeting and making friends and sharing a meal together. Walcott presents this in terms of the love feast or Eucharist of the Christian church - “Eat...Give wine. Give bread.” And it is not clear whether this other person is merely human or in some way divine, this is also an imperative which would suggest that they are divine and so have a right…show more content…
As this route is too boring and predictable for this newfound liberated mind. The first line in “Love..” is, “The time will come When, with elation, You will greet yourself arriving, at your own door,” a line foretelling that eventually you will recognise who you are. Whether this will take a mirror or whether a person will realise who they really are through their own head and deep inside their own souls. It also suggests that you shouldn’t care about others opinions with the line “ in your own mirror..” which makes you wonder “How do I see myself?” which I thought could be trying to question basic human ideas, why do people look at who they are in the first person, why is the person whose eyes they see through them?! What makes them that individual? The answers here are clear, a love for life, for one’s self and what they feel within their soul. Both poems, I felt used techniques to suggest being unique. For example, In “This Room” the author uses extensive use of caesura, using punctuation in the middle of a line, and enjambment, a technique by which you don’t use normal punctuation at the end of each sentence, thus creating a flowing and textured piece of poetry. With these techniques, Dharker has created flowing text, I think that this might be a suggestion that life flows quickly and that you should take advantage of it because of this. The second stanza suggests that one
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