Comparing Low-Carbohydrate Diets and Low-Fat Diets Essay

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Comparing Low-Carbohydrate Diets and Low-Fat Diets

The two diets I will be focusing on are comparing the low-carbohydrate diet or the Atkins diet to low-fat diets. The low-carbohydrate diet on one hand restricts the amount of carbohydrate a person consumes, resulting in greater weight loss after six months compared to low-fat diets. The low-fat diet, on the other hand, allows people to lose weight by restring the amount of fat they consume on a daily basis thus causing the person to lose weight as well, but not as much as they would have had they been on a low-carbohydrate diet for the pass six months. Although a person initially loses less weight on the low-fat diet, they eventually lose the same amount
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Insulin is what allows our body cells to store fat, which is not what a person wants when they are trying to lose weight. However this diet claims to work, there are other options out there beside this diet, one of which is the low-fat diet.

The low-carbohydrate or the Atkins diet is usually compared to low-fat diets, a diet that follows very different rules. The low-fat diet on the other hand encourages people to eat carbohydrates, the diet actually tells people to replace foods that are high in fat with foods such as vegetables, fruits, and pastas. The low-fat diet asks followers to eat what the Atkins diet asks people to avoid. While the low-carbohydrate diet stresses that people avoid carbohydrates and replace it with foods that are protein and fat rich, such as meats, cheeses, and fish. The low-fat diet stresses that people should avoid these types of foods that have a lot of fat and eat foods that have a lot of protein and carbohydrates to fill a person up. The low-fat diet unlike the Atkins diet, allows people to center their diets around having a lot of fruits and vegetables. The low-fat diets also claim that by not eating fatty foods such as beef and other red meats like
Atkins suggests, it can lower a person’s cholesterol, thus help prevent things such as heart disease according to previous research. Some followers claim that the low-fat diet is actually easier to follow because it
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