Comparing Macbeth And Goold's Play

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Macbeth, a play written by Shakespeare in 1606 is a tragedy surrounding a man—Macbeth as he unknowingly seals his own fate due to his own excessive ambition and greed. This tragedy has since been taken to the big screen by many, one of which is director Rupert Goold. In 2010 Goold released a television film version of play on the BBC. Despite the differences between the two, the movie does effectively convey the overall message of the original story.

In Goold’s version, we see pivotal moments such as the breaking of Macbeth and Lady Macbeths bond. This moment is stressed just as much in the film as it is in the play because not only does it show the breaking of such a strong bond, but it also leads into another important moment in which Lady Macbeth is starting to get sort of delirious. The film also keeps up with the play and how it makes sure to highlight certain symbols and motifs such as blood and darkness through setting and lighting choice, special effects, staying true to the lines, etc. the director even goes as far as to reinforce death through a different motif (dead children). As well as using dead bodies as apparitions. All together the director has combined all these elements of the play to work well in film and show the original theme/message of the play appropriately. …show more content…

For example, the movie is set during the Soviet Union, hinting at both the rule of Joseph Stalin who was a power hungry man just like Macbeth (this connection is made through the portraits of Macbeth shown throughout the film). While this does reinforce Macbeth’s thirst for power, for some viewers it is a little farfetched. In comparison to the play, film also uses modern –day weaponry/methods of fighting. But does not change the lines for such circumstances, and this for some, may also have a negative

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