Comparing Mammal Species Across Different Habitats

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Comparing Mammal Species Across Different Habitats In marine mammal biology a large portion of the study is dedicated towards the study of adaptations to the marine environment. By comparing the anatomy between marine mammals and terrestrial mammals scientists can better understand evolutionary history of how these two categories of mammals diverged from one another. The purpose of this lab was to study the anatomy of different marine and terrestrial mammals and compare their similarities and differences in homologous traits and how adaptations were made specifically for marine mammals to survive the aquatic environment. To accomplish this bones of different species of animals were studied since these structures serve as the basis for comparison across species as well as an indicator of each animal’s individual morphology and physiology. A standard measurement protocol for bones of particular regions of the skeleton was established with emphasis on length versus width ratio as well as it’s overall size relative to its more complex features, i.e. humerus length versus hand length. Materials and Methods: Materials for this laboratory included Microsoft excel to compile data, a pen and paper to record data, a 15cm ruler, string, a caliper, and a two meter ruler. Since bones often times vary in width in certain portions of the same bone due to the presence of joints and processes the bone was measured at the midpoint along its length for its true width. Measurements
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