Comparing Marionettes Inc And The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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Ray Bradbury was born on August 22, 1920. He had a very idyllic childhood and that reflected in the way that Bradbury wrote. He is famous for his short story The Martian Chronicles . That is was jump started his writing career. Bradbury is known for writing science fiction, but he says that he grew up loving to read fantasy novels. That is why he is such a good fantasy writer. In Bradbury’s eyes, science fiction and fantasy are two totally different genres. Science fiction depicts something that is real, while fantasy depicts the unreal. Even though he talks about science in most of his stories, they are unreal and are fantasy. Ray Bradbury has a common theme that runs throughout all of his short stories and novels. The theme is that humans should not become too dependent on science and technology. Two of his short stories develop that theme in a way that is unique to Bradbury. Ray Bradbury develops his theme and his unique writing style in both Marionettes, Inc and The Veldt by the way he develops his characters as protagonists and antagonists, the plot structure and events of the story and the way he develops the common theme of humans cannot become dependent of science and technology. First and foremost, Ray Bradbury develops his unique way of writing and developing the theme by his development of the characters throughout The Veldt and Marionettes, Inc. In Marionettes, Inc and The Veldt there are protagonists and antagonists. In Marionettes, Inc Brailing is the protagonist and Brailing 2 is the antagonist. In The Veldt , George and Lydia are the protagonists and Wendy and Peter are the antagonists. In both stories, Ray Bradbury develops the characters by showing someone trying to stop them from accomplishing their goal . In Marionettes, Inc, Brailing is going on a vacation while Brailing 2 stays home with his wife. Brailing 2 stops Brailing from accomplishing his goal and it shows how Brailing 2 really is. “I’m going to put you in the box, lock it, lose the key. Then buy another Rio ticket for your wife.” (Marionettes, Inc 221). This quote demonstrates what Brailing 2’s true character is and what he truly wants to accomplish. He stops Brailing from leaving his wife and going to Rio. In The Veldt the way he

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