Comparing Martin Luther King Jr's 'Letter from a Birmingham Jail' and Amata Miller's 'The Many Faces of Social Justice'

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One can interpret both of these essays as literature promoting equality and ending issues of racism. However, a thorough analysis of each work indicates that both authors advocate a difference approach in achieving what are similar ends. An examination of the author's respective works indicates that Miller's methodology is more applicable to the author than King's is.
King Jr.'s definition of social justice within his essay is civic equality between Caucasians and those of African and African American descent. This form of civic equality includes equitable access to facilities and to rights that all Americans allegedly have. Moreover, King Jr. also is alluding to and end of segregation and a full-fledged integration of the races (King Jr., 1963). He certainly advocates an end to the violence African Americans had to endure while simply asking for, and demonstrating their need to access, civic rights.
The strategies that King Jr. elucidates within this document to achieve these objectives are manifold. On the one hand he calls for peaceful, non-violent tactics most noticeably in the form of civic demonstrations in which he and his adherents readily accept any violence their actions might produce without resorting to violence themselves. Violence is one of the five forms of social oppression…
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