Comparing McDonald's and White Castle

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Both White Castle and McDonald’s have a long history of providing fast, cheap, and convenient fast-food. Both companies had started with one store, and then expanded into a franchise. To stay competitive they created new and innovative ways to create new customers and keep most of their value loyal customers. In comparison there were several differences and some similarities to each business. Both provide similar customer benefit package, both target on the go, and budget conscious customers, both have viable locations. The servicescape of each store is very different for each. The service encounter was also very different. The process and design of both facilities was similar, which does not leave room for custom orders. The facility…show more content…
McDonald’s employees are supposed to greet every customer with a smile and ask for the order. McDonald’s is a high-contact system, especially going through the drive-thru. The customer encounters the intercom to make the order, and then drive to the next window to pay, then to the finale window to pick-up. For recognition and awards, this site has an employee incentive program called the “All Star” to exceptional employees who come to work on time, wear full uniform, have missed no days of work, and an overall great employee. Each site in the local area have contest between the stores that provide points, money, or parties to the winning store, this particular site is called the “Fighting French Fries.” Also located on a bulletin board at this site there was a certificate from a customer that stated “Employee Compliment” for September 20th 2011 by a customer “Ryan is always friendly and smiling” The service encounter design for White Castle definitely needs improvement, compared to McDonald’s there is no contest. Many of the female employees at White Castle wore long fake eyelashes, that could cause a contaminant in the food, and they didn’t greet with enthusiasm. White Castle also uses a high contact system, but there is not as much interaction between customers and employees at the drive-thru. The customer places their order at the intercom then move to the next window to get their order. The technology used is an ATM/Debit card machine at the drive-thru helps
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