Comparing Medea And Seneca 's Medea

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"Medea" is a popular and influential play which has been revitalized by many authors on their versions of the story; telling the story of Medea who 's seeking revenge against her husband Jason. In this essay I will be discussing the ways in which Seneca 's Medea responds to the original by Euripides. Exploring key themes such as emotion, exile, revenge and the roles of the characters and chorus between both of these plays. I will also be making a connection with this historically by analyzing the era, moment and location the plays were written to successfully justify their adaptions of Medea.
The theme of emotion contrasts in Euripides and Seneca 's Medea. Firstly the aspects that are seen in Euripides version of Medea is that in the beginning of the play, the Nurse describes Medea 's experience which therefore distances her although she is briefly in the scene she he is not in control, she is suffering miserably. Medea states that "Oh why can 't a bolt of lightning strike me? What point is there in living any more? I want death to come and sweep me off— let me escape this life of suffering!" (170) Euripides sets a tone in the beginning of the play which is crucial, we are sympathetic of Medea because she is weak, calling out to the gods, crying out about the pain she endures which shows that Medea is not in control. However, in Seneca 's version Medea shows resentful emotion. The play begins with her dialogue and she 's vengeful giving the reader an insight that
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