Essay Comparing Mentoring and Coaching

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Comparing Mentoring and Coaching There are some key differences between mentoring and coaching. Mentoring- is known as the transfer of wisdom and has a protégé or mentee that takes an interest in their career path. The protégé is guided and advised by the mentor who has worn the same shoes and traveled the same path, usually someone older and wiser. The mentor guides, persuades, and encourages a person to reach their full potential in life, in a position in an organization or in a career. Mentors who may be immediate superiors are helpful in career developments of the individual, and in some cases guidance is provided by executives or managers higher up in the organization. The higher level superiors guide, advise, and…show more content…
The mentor must believe in their protégé and the protégé must be aware that the mentor believes in them. GOOD COACH 1) To understand the goal of the individual/team will determine whether the coach is good. The coach must understand and know why and what they are needed for, therefore clarification is essential in knowing the need and goal of their job. This may prove especially important when using an external coach to the organization. The task at hand must be understood by both coaches internally and externally to the organization. An example may be that a soccer coach needs to know what they must teach to the team before they teach it. 2) It is important for a coach to be dominant and push the individual or team to the limit. Being caring, nurturing, and patient is good, but at the same time a coachee will need a push to reach and achieve their set goals. Incorporating dominance into a motivational and supportive balance will create a positive culture between the participants. The dominance will also help to increase the individual/team’s determination to achieve and encourage their successes. 3) A good coach must cater for individual differences because it is obvious that no two people are identical. The coach won’t teach or instruct the individual/team’s in the same way. Some individuals will perform better under pressure by putting them down or
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