Comparing Methadone And Suboxone Maintenance Treatment

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There were no Cochrane meta-analyses or systematic reviews for comparing methadone and Suboxone maintenance treatment head-to-head. There were 8 trials that had specific populations or were under-powered that I had difficulty choosing between. Before I tried deciding between these articles, I chose to search Medline for any more leads. After searching Medline, I found a rapid response report by the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health that compared Suboxone and methadone head-to-head. After looking into this review more, many of the trials I was considering choosing from Cochrane were included in the study, such as one by McKeganey, Russell, Cockayne (2013) which compared methadone and Suboxone in context of opioid dependency and the UK drug strategy. Because the McKeganey (2013) study provided good information to this rapid response report, I decided to choose it for my first article because it looked at my target population of opioid dependent adults and my outcome of preventing relapse. Another good trial this review used was a trial by Neumann, Blondell, Jaanimaji et. al. (2013) that compared methadone and buprenorphine in patients with chronic pain and opioid addiction. Although this article was a RCT, it’s population was patients who have chronic pain and opioid addiction, which was not the population that I am interested in. I plan to investigate all adult patients with opioid dependence due to lifestyle, addictive and drug seeking behavior,…
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