Comparing Mikulsson And Hutchson's Margin Bargain

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Student should spend more at school to get a better education. In the stories “A right to choose single-sex education” by Kay Bailey Hutchison and Barbara Mikulski, “Margin Bargain” by Malcolm Gladwell.
Students should stay in school so they can learn more, because the longer they are able to stay in school the more information they will never forget. If students stay longer in school, then their minds can become more like sponges and soak up all the information. “Alexander, in fact, has done a very simple calculation to demonstrate what would happen if the children of Baltimore went to school year-round. “The answer is that poor kids and wealthy kids would, by the end of elementary school, be doing math and reading at almost the same
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But for the most part, if a student can't learn maybe by being distracted or just can't concentrate on any of their work. Students should be in a class where they can be happy and not distracted. If students don't get distracted then they would most definitely want to stay in school longer than they are suppose to. “Studies have shown that some student learn better in a single-gender environment, particularly in math and science”. (Hutchinson, lines 7-8) This quote is saying that student learn better in a single-gender class but that's not just it if a person thinks about.If someone is in a single-gender class then someone would feel really comfortable around people who are the same gender as you. When people feel really comfortable with others then they feel like they could stay at the school longer than a person's needs to, because it's just so amazing. It’s important because if people go to a single-sex school and stay as long as a person needs then that person could ether get into a really good school or even a really good college after high…show more content…
“Attempts to eliminate single-sex education are equivalent to taking away student’ and parents’ choice about one of the most fundamentally important aspects of childhood and future indicators of success- a child’s education”. ( Hutchison, lines 61-63) This quote is basically saying that children and parents are really wise type of people and what they say about education is a very good in their own way. Education is so important to everybody and being there is longer than what their suppose to is just amazing to people. Students should stay as long as they want in school it is their to help them
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