Comparing Military Operations In Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, and Korean War

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The ways in which the United States has conducted its military operations since becoming an independent nation has largely depended upon the overall political and military objectives of each individual conflict. The United States first three hot wars after the end of World War II display the marked difference in US objectives and the operations used to achieve them better than any other modern wars in which American troops participated. By and large the Korean War, Vietnam War, and Persian Gulf War had virtually no similarities, particularly in the ways in which each was fought. These differences lay largely in the technology available at the time of each conflict as well as the over all world situation in which they occurred. If any …show more content…
Johnson made this decision for a multitude of reasons ranging from trying to keep attention on his preferred domestic agenda to avoiding the political devastation wrought by fighting a stagnating war. Most important reason behind Johnson’s decision for limited war however was to do what Truman had been unable to do, prevent the great communist powers from finding reason to involve themselves directly in the conflict. For this purpose Johnson made the decision to fight a generally no specific type of war, fighting without defined fronts, there by keeping the war from being able to expand. In the Persian Gulf War the first President Bush also chose to keep his war limited though his reasoning was not entirely similar to his predecessors. Whereas Truman and Johnson had sought to limit their wars to avoid enraging China and the Soviet Union, Bush I was determined not expand his war beyond its approved scope. The great differences between Korean, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf lie in how the military objectives and operations used to achieve them evolved over the course of the conflict. In the Korean War Truman was initially determined to ensure that operations would go only so far as to achieve the most justifiable goal

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